About Your Co-Host

1. Introduce yourself. Where are you from? What should listeners know about you?

I am a secondary teacher out of Dallas, Texas. I edit rule books, drink lots of coffee, and spend time with wife and corgi.

2. What games or types of games are you interested in?

Mostly heavy economic/euro games and wargames. Predominantly play solo. Oh, and Arkham Horror LCG.

3. Do you have a favorite game or games you enjoy most?

Roads & Boats, Twilight Struggle, Fields of Arle, D-Day at Omaha Beach, Navajo Wars, Cuba Libre.

4. What are some of the most memorable experiences have you had with tabletop board games in the past?

Meeting twitter people online, participating in various forms of content creation with others.

5. What is the focus of your WDYPTW segment?

Typically something that I'm excited about that I can fit into two minutes. Due to Low Player Count interests, oftentimes this is a solo game, but is not restricted to that!