About Your Co-Host

1. Introduce yourself. Where are you from? What should listeners know about you?

My name is Johannes, and I am an avid board gamer from Norway. I love to play games, talk about games, and think about games. When I don't do any of that, I work as a magician, actor and comedian all around the place here. I like to write comedy, be crazy and just have fun.

2. What games or types of games are you interested in?

Quick answer: All the games!

Longer answer: I love games all over the place. I love everything from heavy, long euros to small, short fillers with no thinking involved. When that is said, I am a eurogamer. I do enjoy a little bit of amerithrash here and there, but for the most part, I like non confrontational euro games where I can plan and do cool stuff while trading spices in the middle east.

3. Do you have a favorite game or games you enjoy most?

After saying that I am mostly a eurogamer, it might be strange that my favorite game is Time Stories. The reason for this, is that I love a good story, and an immersive experience. I have played a lot of video games in my life, and I mostly play RPG's that can tell me a good story, and that's what I like so much about Time Stories. When you add the human element, the storytelling and puzzle solving, this is a game right up my alley.

4. What are some of the most memorable experiences have you had with tabletop board games in the past?

This is a hard one. A very, very hard one. Almost every time I play games with my fantastic friends, I experience stuff that I will remember. Just to be able to spend so much time with great people is the best.
If I have to write up one, then one will be me and Sunniva, my girlfriend, getting The Castles of Burgundy about four years back. That's the game that got her into playing other games than Carcassonne, and because of that, we have shared countless hours of board gaming together. She is now almost as heavy into games as I am.

5. What is the focus of your WDYPTW segment?

In my segment, Rambling Review, I try to review a game every week, rambling style. I like to just ramble about games, have fun with the recording and just let what happens happen. I work a lot with improvisation in my day job, and I like to do that when recording as well.