About Your Co-Host

1. Introduce yourself. Where are you from? What should listeners know about you?

I'm a financial journalist, originally from Queens, New York, but now living on Long Island, New York. I am married and have two young children I’m training to become board gamers.

2. What games or types of games are you interested in?

I consider myself an omnigamer, and enjoy everything from lighter filler games, to heavy Euros, to dice chucking Ameritrash games. I’ll try pretty much any game (at least) once.

3. Do you have a favorite game or games you enjoy most?

I'm really all over the place, but BGG tells me my highest rated games are Summoner Wars, Marvel Legendary, Blood Rage, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Brewin' USA, The Networks, Codenames, Burgle Bros., Marvel Dice Masters, and Patchwork.

4. What are some of the most memorable experiences have you had with tabletop board games in the past?

I went to GenCon back in 2015, and got to play a prototype of Giga-Robo in the First Exposure Playtest Hall, and then kept in touch with designer Alex Cheng and became a playtester for the game. I watched, and in some small way helped, it evolve, and eventually saw the Kickstarter succeed, unlocking many of its stretch goals along the way.

5. What is the focus of your WDYPTW segment?

I find I’m very concise and to the point in both my reviews and my podcasting, so in my “Spotlight On” segment, I focus on one or two games I’ve played any given week and give a brief synopsis and some thoughts on them.